Our Value Improvement Programme is a comprehensive way to drive the professionals within your organisation to look at healthcare in a different way. It will help them improve the Triple Value of the services they are delivering to the population they are accountable to.

The Value Improvement Programme starts with a training component that helps your staff understand Triple Value (read more about this here) within the context of your organisation.

Through the training, your staff will be guided through scenarios that will help them understand how Triple Value relates to their role within your organisation.  The following is an example of one of those scenarios:

The CFO of your organisation has said that your department’s budget is going to be cut by 15%.  You have been tasked with helping the CFO identify the low value activities that can be cut without impacting the services delivered to the population you are accountable to.  Make a list of the top five low value activities in your department that can be cut, along with estimates of how much they cost.

Your staff will be taken through the key concepts and skills needed to answer these types of ‘Hellish’ decisions and will come out with a better understanding of what they need to do to improve the Triple Value of the services they are providing. This is a prerequisite for the next component of the Value Improvement Programme – the Value Improvement Projects.

The Value Improvement Projects are part of the Value Improvement Programme. They are based on a core framework that your staff can work through either individually or in groups, in order to start implementing their learning to real situations within your organisation.

The Value Improvement Projects can last from 6 months to 2 years and the outputs will be published in the BMJ so the knowledge gained can be shared.