BMJ Value has been developed by Better Value Healthcare and BMJ to align with your organisational objectives.  We help your staff improve the Triple Value of the services they are delivering to patients and populations.

Your staff will be supported to deliver a clearly defined and measurable improvement in value through Value Improvement Projects, which can be pursued in two ways – individuals can bring their own value improvement ideas, or a team can follow one of our pre-written clinical projects based on evidence and best practice.

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By supporting staff to engage with BMJ Value, you can:

  • Improve both the value of your services and the value of healthcare provided to the populations you are accountable to,
  • Meet revalidation requirements through our exclusive BMJ Learning modules, tools and webinars,
  • Encourage collaboration. Our workspace supports multiple users on specific projects, and users can also add a mentor to support them through their improvement journey
  • Project a credible, authoritative and positive message about your organisation through published improvement projects
  • Achieve all this without disruption to the day to day running of services

We can help you achieve these objectives by  supporting your staff.
To do this we offer:

  • Communications to get your staff engaged and to guide them through their value improvement projects,
  • Reporting on usage and progress,
  • A jointly branded mini journal containing all the published projects from your organisation – a great way to show a return on your investment,
  • A jointly branded BMJ Value platform.

Additional support is available in the form of face-to-face training sessions.

For more information or to discuss, please contact us at