Better Value Healthcare’s mission is to help your organisation deliver value-based care through training and development of healthcare professionals.

People who pay for or manage healthcare, many of whom are also clinicians, need a new set of concepts and skills in order to deliver better outcomes through a new, systems-based paradigm:




We will work with you to identify the Better Value Healthcare offering that best meets your needs.

Click below to learn more about our different training and development resources, and please contact us on to schedule a free consultation. Better Value Healthcare training courses are designed using action learning principles, and aim to build the capacity of healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. Our training courses focus on six key topic areas:

  1. Understanding and Implementing Value Based Healthcare 
    Healthcare professionals who pay for and manage healthcare need to understand the transition from the quality era to the value era and understand the new priorities, new concepts, and new skills required.
  2. Designing and building Healthcare Systems
    Healthcare systems, provided by dynamic and adaptable networks of healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, are able to deliver improved healthcare value and better patient outcomes without requiring extra funding.
  3. Creating the Right Healthcare Culture
    Structural change has been the norm in healthcare, but is rarely effective due to healthcare’s great complexity. Culture is more difficult to change but brings about more effective transformation in healthcare.
  4. Delivering Population Healthcare (including Health Impact Assessments)
    Healthcare professionals of the future must consider their responsibilities to patients outside their referred group who may benefit most from the healthcare services they offer. No extra funding is available so we need new ways of thinking and new skills. Also including Health Impact Assessment training.
  5. Designing and Delivering Patient Centered Care
    Patient Centered Care, including the impending impact of stratified (genomic) medicine is the other side of the coin of Population Healthcare .
  6. Managing Knowledge & Critical Appraisal skills (CASP)
    CASP offers critical appraisal skills training, workshops and tools. These help you read and check health research for trustworthiness, results & relevance.

Better Value Healthcare’s training solutions are designed using action learning principles and are delivered through:

  • face-to-face training courses

  • conferences

  • online training courses

All modules are focused on problem solving and interactive discussion.