Any initiative – policy, programme, or project – will have direct or indirect health effects. Appraising these health impacts is the realm of Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

HIA is a crucial tool for actors in all sectors who wish to: understand how their activities affect health, boost the health benefits of their activities, and avoid or manage any unintended health consequences of their activities.

Better Value Healthcare offers one-day or two-day courses in a range of topics related to HIA, in addition to bespoke training options tailored to particular sectors or professions – all led by an expert in the field.


Erica Ison will be leading the training courses and undertaking the quality assessments.

Erica is a Specialist Practitioner in Health Impact Assessment and Health in All Policies (HiAP).

She is the 2005 recipient of the International Association of Impact Assessment’s Award for Individual Achievement in Impact Assessment, and the sole or collaborating author of 50 health impact assessments.

She has an impressive range of experiences, including:

  • Honorary member of the Faculty of Public Health,
  • Expert adviser in HIA to a range of WHO organisations, and to government ministries,
  • Teacher of HIA principles to professionals in public, private, and third sectors, as well as to undergraduate and postgraduate level students.

Our Courses (click for more)

Train the Trainer coming soon

This interactive course is ideal for professionals wanting to develop the teaching proficiency necessary to increase their organisation’s HIA-related knowledge and skills.

Commissioning, managing, and quality assurance coming soon

This interactive course deepens the knowledge base and increases the skills of people responsible for commissioning HIAs.

Integrating health into other assessments coming soon

This interactive course explores how HIA can be integrated into other types of impact assessment to increase the value of the assessment outputs.

Skills development sessions coming soon

These sessions give professionals who already have some knowledge and experience of HIA in-depth training and further insight into HIA.

We also offer Quality Assessment services to determine the accuracy of any HIA your organisation has already undertaken.