This one-day masterclass is designed for
people who want to learn about
Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and the ways in which it can be used to add value to the development and implementation of public policy, programmes, and projects.

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Workshop Aims:

  • To familiarise participants with the concept of HIA, its relationship to other impact assessments, and its founding values,
  • To outline the traditional or classic process of HIA, the range of methods used, and the skills required to conduct an HIA.


  • To provide technical information about HIA as a methodology,
  • To discuss practical examples of the application of HIA in “real life” contexts and circumstances, and ways to manage some of the difficulties encountered,
  • To explore how HIA can be adapted to meet the requirements of the study within prevailing resource constraints,
  • To give participants experience of aspects of a participatory rapid appraisal workshop.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will have an understanding of:

  • HIA as a methodology and how it can be used to identify the potential impact on health of a range of proposals,
  • The basic process of HIA and how it can be adapted,
  • The methods used when undertaking an HIA; including rapid appraisal techniques and listening to and involving the public and communities in improving health and reducing inequalities,
  • The role of HIA in support of decision-making about public policy at local, national, and international levels,
  • The potential to integrate health or use elements of HIA in other types of impact assessment.