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The needs of 21st century healthcare

In this video Muir is interviewed by Anant on why quality in healthcare is necessary but not sufficient to […]

NHS ranked best healthcare system in the world

It is rare that a week goes by without a newspaper lambasting the NHS.  From the meaning of the newspapers […]

Complex Adaptive Systems

Most health and healthcare issues are complex; there is not a simple linear relationship between input and output; they are […]

What is ‘Lean’?

Please listen to this podcast on Lean Thinking and read some extracts of how the word ‘Lean’ is used.


The prevention of over-diagnosis and overtreatment

Integral to the concept of technical value is preventing over-diagnosis and overtreatment as these take up resources without necessarily adding […]

Defining Value

English is a very difficult language, in part because it is so widely used.  When a word becomes widely used […]

Killer questions for healthcare services

Following on from the problems facing all healthcare services, there is an important set of question type which I […]

ViHF: Hellish Decisions in Healthcare – Sir Muir Gray

This video is about ‘Hellish Decisions in Healthcare’ – Sir Muir Gray. His presentation was at the recent Value […]

Screening: Evidence and Practice

Screening is the routine testing of populations to identify individuals who may have a particular medical condition or disease. It […]